Sunday, 2 March 2014

My top 5 Family Movies

We spent the majority of Sunday watching movies. We had a very busy week, so lazying around on the couch, losing ourselves in the imaginary wonders of Wizardry and e-woks seemed like a great way to spend our day.
Since our kids range from the ages of 3-9 it's hard to always pin point an appropriate movie that everyone enjoys. Here are a few that solved that problem and remain family favorites!

Harry Potter
What's not to love about these movies? We love imagination and learning about a new world and way of life. It's full of magic, some laughs and just the right amount of scares. Mike and I can always sit down to watch these with the kids over and over again. Maybe it's the accents, the historic castles or Rob Pattinson's cameo.
We enjoy movie collections because the stories continue on and my kids enjoy seeing their favorite characters grow. Luckily for us, we have a choice of 8 amazing installments of witchcraft and wizardry to enjoy. My 4 year old is obsessed with the movies, and my 3 year old regularly recites many of Harry's spells.

Toy Story
Another Amazing movie collection that we never grow tired of. My kids love all the bright colors, music and familiar toys in these series. My girls loved seeing Barbie and Ken come to life together in the 3rd installment.
Not to mention the few adult jokes that amuse me every time. This collection has definitely developed a kid-cult following and I know will be one of our family favorites for years to come.

  Monsters Inc.
This movie brings real monsters to life, throws in some hilarious comedy and invites us into another world of imagination. It brings to life the familiar "Monster in the closest" scenario and adds some humor to it. My son loves monsters and everything about them, and enjoys watching this movie over and over again!

We love movies with singing and dancing and Enchanted has all of that. Plus the classic fairytale storyline, with a touch of the 21st Century. How do you not fall in love with Giselle's super sweet character and taste in fashion? It's a happy movie that always makes me think of Springtime, warm weather and flowers.

  The Muppets
One of the best things I love about being a parent is introducing my kids to movies and tv shows Mike and I  loved as a kid. We both grew up watching The Muppets and made them a household name within our family. Every Muppet movie is a hit, but the 2011 film is one of our favorites. I love the wholesome, 50's era theme Disney created. It's a great plot, answering everyone's questions about the characters whereabouts since their Muppet Show days. It's silly, humorous and fun!
Again, we fell in love with the music and dancing and even I find myself humming "Am I muppet?" now and again.

Of course, there are many more awesome movies. I could have easily made a top 50 list! I'd love to hear some of your family favorites and maybe add some new flicks to our list!
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