Monday, 7 October 2013

5 free fall activities

Two of my favorite F words. Free and Fall. Next to Christmas, it's my favorite time of year. Here are some fun and free activities to try out with your kids to celebrate the fall season.

Coloring contests
Most grocery stores run a Halloween colouring contest for the month of October. My kids love colouring and the thought that they might win something. And the best part, the pages!

Outdoor Walk
What better way to take in the beauty of fall then to walk through it. Luckily we have a trail that runs behind our house that is bursting with nature. Pack a picnic, or some hot chocolates to go and start strolling!

Autumn Leaf Hunt
The ground is littered with leaves of all shapes, sizes and colours. Make a list of different leaves to look for and create a type of scavenger hunt. Check out this leaf hunt sheet from

Have a Fall Themed Reading Session
If you're like my kids, they love bedtime stories. If you've got some "fall themed" books in the house, bring them out and read just those. Or find some stories like "Autumn Leaves" from Online Reading. You can even click your mouse to turn the pages.

Make a Craft
Take all those leaves you collected and create something crafty. Head on over to Momtastic Parenting where Stephanie has 10 great crafts to share using fall leaves.

Happy Fall ya'll !


  1. Thank you so much for the tips :)

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