Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bath-time Fun

Baths are probably one of my kid's favourite in-house activities. They all love water, the warmth and playing with tub toys. Evening baths are a great way to calm my kids down from a busy day and get them in the mind-frame for bedtime *cringe*
It's also a great time for me, because it keeps them entertained so I can get some evening housework done. I can bring a basket of laundry to fold into the bathroom while they are there, clean the bathroom and since their bedrooms are adjacent to the bathroom, it's a great opportunity to spend  some time in there tidying up or put laundry away.

And who doesn't love the thought of a squeaky clean kid? Is it just me?

Bubbles can get tiresome and even certain tub toys can overstay their welcome. Here are a few fun and easy accessories that can really make bath-time a "splash"!

Turn off the lights and toss some glowsticks in the water (make sure to check there are no leaks first). Kids will have a great time watching the water light up!

Who doesn't have one of these in the kitchen? Kids will love dipping it under water and making it rain. Or use a clean sponge to create the same effect.

Bath Crayons
These look like alot of fun! However since I hate mess and destruction, I'll never buy them.
Here is a great link to make your own!

Have a beach party
Play some music, lay out some towels on the floor, and make some fancy drinks. If you have an indoor tree, bring it in to create a tropical feel.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Entryway Makeover Part 3

Our entryway has undergone a few changes over the last few months. After repainting the walls, removing the carpet, and painting the stairs, another new change was made.
If you need to catch up, view my previous post on my entryway here.

For years, we hung our coats and displayed our shoes in our teeny, tiny entryway. It was cramped, messy, and uninviting. I've always loved having an entryway table to decorate, and felt this house was missing it.


I had my father build a table measured to size and reused an older mirror I had stored in the basement. The table served as a perfect spot to display our "Family Rules". Since our front door has no windowthe hallway is quite dark. So, to brighten things up I plugged in my Scentsy lamp, which also creates a welcoming smell for anyone who comes in the front door! I have a thing obsession for baskets and thought the bottom shelf would be a perfect home for one. It's perfect for storing a pair of mittens, keys or miscellaneous items.

This project cost me $0 since I reused all my decor from other areas in the house. Bonus.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Why having a large family rocks!

In this day and age a family of six is considered a "large family". We just barely fit in a minivan, never qualify for vacation packages (family of four only!) and always get denied in those "kids eat free" gimmicks (only one kid per adult)
I grew up as an only child and later gained a step brother, and a half brother, so I never experienced a houseful of siblings. Unlike my husband who is one of three kids, all very close in age. Although I never imagined I'd have four kidsI feel very blessed that my kids will grow up with such a wonderfully, large support system. They'll always have someone in their corner, cheering them on from the sidelines and coaching them from behind the stage.

Of course there are several pros and even more cons to having a large family, but I thought I'd start the year off right and be thankful for the pros of my wild and crazy household!

You're never alone

There is never a dull moment with a house full of kids! Our evenings can easily turn into an impromptu play, baseball game or dance party. You always have a friend to talk to and enjoy your time withThe house is never empty and with so many of us, it feels like a party everyday!

Reliving milestones
I've had the pleasure of experiencing all the important moments in life four times. Watching each kid walk, talk and jump on the school bus for the first time never gets old.

You're always learning
My kids will always have a playmate! Therefore, teaching each other how to share, take turns and look after one other. They'll experience several life events as they get older and learn from their siblings.

We're always celebrating something! Birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. Special holidays, like Christmas and Halloween are so much fun with four kids!

Needless to say, happy families come in all sizes. I experienced a wonderful childhood in a small family, and my kids are having great childhoods here in our crowded house.

Yesmy kids will grow up wearing hand-me-downs, sharing a room, and adjusting to a large level of noise and a hectic household, but it works for them and for all of us, and that's the most important thing!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

When Ninja Turtles have Birthdays

My youngest turned 4 today. Im still in shock. The day he was born still feels like it was yesterday and when I look back on the last 4 years, it seems like a blur. Being the youngest boy in a family of 3 girls was going to be a challenge, or so I thought. I envisioned him growing up surrounded by the femininity of his sisters and inheriting their love of hosting tea parties, playing dress-up and watching Disney Princess movies. When in fact, he is the complete opposite! He fits into society's version of a boy - rough, loves swords, cars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I have no idea how

I now find myself crawling out of my comfort zone of fashion and nail glitter to dinosaurs and action figures. It's new and kind of exciting for me. 
Instead of a Birthday of butterflies and Justin Beiber, I had the pleasure of decorating my house with turtles and ninja weapons.

Since Im terrified of balloons my aunt made these really cute turtle balloons! Simply made with ribbon and craft eyes.

Snacks were green drinks, chips and of course pizza. 

And what party isn't complete with themed cupcakes?

Friday, 2 January 2015

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014

No need for an explanation. These are my most favourite blog posts from my year!

1. Lily's Frozen Birthday Party
I love the movie Frozen almost as much as I love The Little Mermaid, my ultimate favourite. Anything Disney, musical and involves princesses. Not to mention my love for organizing a party, and a themed one at that! I had a lot of fun with this!

Taking your kids out in public
Sometimes it's good to vent and show people that your life isn't all sunshine and happiness. That no family is perfect and sometimes if you see me sipping wine at an unusual hour, you won't judge me. I really enjoyed writing this one!

3My Blog's First Birthday
This was a huge day for me. Big. HUGE.

4 My Guest Posts
Having wonderful friends that want to be involved with my blog and share their stories with my readers is a huge blessing. Im sure all of you enjoyed the change in host as well (haha!)
You can catch up with those ladies here.

The floor that almost wasn't
Man I love that floor.

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