Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bath-time Fun

Baths are probably one of my kid's favourite in-house activities. They all love water, the warmth and playing with tub toys. Evening baths are a great way to calm my kids down from a busy day and get them in the mind-frame for bedtime *cringe*
It's also a great time for me, because it keeps them entertained so I can get some evening housework done. I can bring a basket of laundry to fold into the bathroom while they are there, clean the bathroom and since their bedrooms are adjacent to the bathroom, it's a great opportunity to spend  some time in there tidying up or put laundry away.

And who doesn't love the thought of a squeaky clean kid? Is it just me?

Bubbles can get tiresome and even certain tub toys can overstay their welcome. Here are a few fun and easy accessories that can really make bath-time a "splash"!

Turn off the lights and toss some glowsticks in the water (make sure to check there are no leaks first). Kids will have a great time watching the water light up!

Who doesn't have one of these in the kitchen? Kids will love dipping it under water and making it rain. Or use a clean sponge to create the same effect.

Bath Crayons
These look like alot of fun! However since I hate mess and destruction, I'll never buy them.
Here is a great link to make your own!

Have a beach party
Play some music, lay out some towels on the floor, and make some fancy drinks. If you have an indoor tree, bring it in to create a tropical feel.

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