Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Entryway Makeover Part 3

Our entryway has undergone a few changes over the last few months. After repainting the walls, removing the carpet, and painting the stairs, another new change was made.
If you need to catch up, view my previous post on my entryway here.

For years, we hung our coats and displayed our shoes in our teeny, tiny entryway. It was cramped, messy, and uninviting. I've always loved having an entryway table to decorate, and felt this house was missing it.


I had my father build a table measured to size and reused an older mirror I had stored in the basement. The table served as a perfect spot to display our "Family Rules". Since our front door has no windowthe hallway is quite dark. So, to brighten things up I plugged in my Scentsy lamp, which also creates a welcoming smell for anyone who comes in the front door! I have a thing obsession for baskets and thought the bottom shelf would be a perfect home for one. It's perfect for storing a pair of mittens, keys or miscellaneous items.

This project cost me $0 since I reused all my decor from other areas in the house. Bonus.

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