Monday, 19 May 2014

Royal Protocol

For years I've been a huge fan of the Royal Family. When I was 9 years old Princess Anne visited my hometown and I was lucky enough to present her with flowers.

 My father and I circa 1991 with Princess Anne

After the news of Diana's death, I became enthralled (that's polite for obsessed) with the Royals.I absolutely adored them, was fascinated by them and loved following their lives via television and magazines. The protocol, the castles, the hats! The fact that The Queen always wears the same style dress, just a different colour.

When Will and Kate got married, I followed the television coverage from the beginning. Awake at 3am with a brand new tea cup just for the occasion.
When they honeymooned to PEI, I regretted not taking the 75 minute ferry ride to see them You can be sure I followed their every move via social media!

Now, my (almost) Royal dream is coming true. Charles and Camilla are coming to town and I've got tickets to the Welcoming Ceremony! !

Mike and I are taking the 3 girls plus my younger brother. We contemplated taking Noah, but then I remembered - throwing dinkies, temper tantrums and destructive behaviour. Security would be all over that toddler.

Would it be rude to bring my Will and Kate masks?

The tickets have lots of big words and are printed on cardstock. Now, that's fancy. A written protocol is included describing how to address the couple and how to properly bow and curtsey. As well as a proper dress code. It states "business casual" which means no jeans and no tuxedos. Anything in between is appropriate.

I am loving this.

But, most Importantly, what do I wear?!

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