Monday, 23 June 2014

Taking your kids out in public

All parents fears this. Many parents try to avoid it. Some parents even succumb to drinking afterwards.

Taking your kids out in public.

Taking 1 kid, maybe 2 isn't so bad. You have 2 hands so you can easily hold theirs, or carry 1 under each arm. But what do you do when there is 4?

It's like they're circus performers. They see a crowd of people and they see what kind of reactions they can stir up.
I swear people see us coming and they turn and run in terror. We're like a tornado. We surprise you, enter quietly at first and then destroy everything in our paths, leaving the mess and destruction as we run out the door.

Appropriate Cinema Behavior

Sometimes you have no choice and have to take all your kids with you. You have to go to the grocery store, you don't want to cook supper so you decide to eat out, or you'd love to have a family night out together.

You're afraid of what they might do, what people might see? They might sneak into the kitchen at a restaurant, call 911 from the payphone, take down a shelf of chocolate bars at the grocery store?
Luckily these have all happened to me already, so I'm assuming it can't get much worse.

Or can it?

It's aIot like childbirth, you tend to forget about the painful experience. You forget about the last time you were out in public, and you talk yourself into believing it won't happen again? Your kids promise they'll be good, and you really want to believe them.

But don't.

When you spill your drink, why not lick it off the table?.

We learned a few tricks when it comes to taking our kids out in public. ( The hard way of course )

My kids need constant stimulation. If you have to sit and wait somewhere, like a restaurant or Doctor's office, bring along some colouring books, a puzzle or some cards.

Kids stop talking when they're eating. Most of the time.

Kids love games! A quick game of "eye spy" can save you some stress while waiting in line for a coffee.

Involve your kids in what you're doing. Let them read the grocery list or push the cart. Most of the time they're acting out for attention. I find if I make them feel apart of what I'm doing, I'll get through my task quicker.

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