Sunday, 6 July 2014

Frozen Birthday Party

For Lily's 5th Birthday, we threw her a "Frozen" themed party. She loves the movie, the princesses and the song. It was a last minute idea and with a party budget already in place, I tossed around what I could. For those of you who are oblivious to this new Disney marvel of a movie, the basic theme is ice, snowflakes and everything cold.

I decorated the food table and made a backdrop to go behind it.

The backdrop was a sheer white curtain accented with snowflakes and sparkled ribbon. Using blue tissue paper, I cut it in shape of icicles and hung it amidst a homemade Birthday banner.

Included in the theme, was a white table cloth, blue kool-aid jammers and themed plates and napkins.

For dessert I showcased an Elsa cake (her dress was the cake!) and snowflake cupcakes.

The party was a hit and my girl was one happy 5 year old !

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