Friday, 31 May 2013

Friday Fun Days

Fridays have always rocked. It means the weekend, sleeping in and family time. Now that the weather is warm and sunny it makes weekends that more enjoyable. We can trade in our snow suits and sleds for gardening gloves and skipping ropes. Hooray! This Friday is especially awesome because my husband is off for the weekend and we have lots of fun things planned.

On Fridays I take the kids to our Morning Fun group at one of the church's in town. It's got snacks, toys and real live adults to talk to. The kids look forward to it as much as I do. It's a nice change in our week from the everyday routine at the house. It might take me a good half hour to get everyone dressed and in the van, but it's so worth it. They all know where we're going and they cheer about it the whole drive! Nothing better than a group of happy toddlers to begin my weekend.

Today we're meeting at the park because the church is being used for something else. Luckily the sun is joining us! I really enjoy our town park. It's got everything a kid needs and they recently built 2 picnic table areas with some shade. There is a paved area where they can play on their ride-on toys and a mini skate ramp.

I like to take the kids to different parks around town and it's really neat to see the different kinds and how they're set up. We discovered a "new to us" park out past our house last week and it even had a little piano built in! Every time we take a family trip away we keep our eyes opened for a park and always stop to try it out. It's something fun to add to our getaway!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend :) I'm taking the kids to the Tim Hortons Camp Day in Tatamagouche Sunday. We went last year and had a blast! Now we can add that to our list of family traditions as a fun way to begin the summer season.

When the Monday morning blahs start wafting in Sunday night, re-read my post about Monday Mornings . Enjoy and happy parenting!

Does your family have a favourite park? 


  1. There are a few parks at Disney World that I really like:-) Hopefully we can take our kids there together!

  2. don't keep us in suspense Brooke.....where is this park you speak of??? Tanya

    1. Oh it's right beside Scotsburn Elementary. I'm sure it's well known but new to us! Tennis courts,picnic area,little paved area for bikes. I loved it :)


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