Monday, 27 May 2013

Monday Mornings

I'm sure everyone feels the same about Monday mornings. It doesn't matter if the sun is shinning and the birds are chirping, Monday's just suck. Luckily, like other moms, I don't have to get dressed up for work, pack up all my kids for daycare, and kiss my husband goodbye. I'm fortunate enough to stay at home with my 2 youngest, in my sweats and entertain toddlers all day.They don't care that my hair is messy and Im wearing slippers, they're the best kind of co-workers! They even share their pudding with me!
The weekends spoil us, we get to sleep in (kind of), do what we want, and enjoy the fact that we are our own bosses for 2 days. The Monday morning blah tends to start Sunday night when we fear that we have only 1 more sleep of this glorious break from the everyday get-go. I recently read online some thoughts on how to make Mondays more enjoyable.

1.Watching tv - This must mean something other than Treehouse, I'll start a riot if I change the channel!
2.Sex - Whoever thought these ideas up must not have kids.
3.On-line shopping - I'm way to picky to buy anything online, except concert tickets.
4.Buying chocolate or makeup - I can rhyme off 12 types of chocolate but I wouldn't know the difference between mascara and eyeliner.
5.Planning a vacation - This I enjoy. Nothing pumps me up like planning and organizing a vacation! Whether it's real or pretend.I love checking out different hotels,restaurants and things to do in new places.

I think I'll be able to survive this dark and dreary Monday with tea, movies and maybe a trip to the "ice cream store" (as my kids call it)

Happy Monday!

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