Friday, 13 March 2015

Confessions of a Super-Mom

 Behind the scenes!
Baggy clothes, messy hair and the beginning of what will be a long history of back problems

Occasionally, I've been referred to as a "supermom". This makes me laugh because I have a vision of a super-mom and it's not me. I wear no cape, have no super powers, or fly.

Wikipedia states that the word supermom is a term used to describe a woman who, either out of choice or out of necessity, tries to simultaneously excel in several occupations, one of which is being a mother.

It's of course a flattering title. To think that someone believes I have the ability to do something that other women can't. Taking all my kids to the grocery store, organizing a birthday party or re-decorating a room while running a house-full of kids. These activities are more of a necessity and I don't ever expect to excel in them, haha!

Mothers who feed their kids only organic food.
Mothers who are on time.
Mothers who use cloth diapers.
Those are my inspirations, my trying tasks.

I envy mothers who have their hair brushed, makeup on, and a stylish outfit to match. Correction, I'm fascinated by those mothers. Hell, if you've taken a shower, I'm intrigued.
Where did they find the time and energy to do their hair, and put on makeup?
Did they pick out that outfit from their collection of laundry baskets in their bedroom corner?
You're wearing heels to gymnastics class? How are you able to chase your kids across the parking lot in those?
My normal wardrobe consists of yoga pants and a hoodie. There's no style there.

The truth is, every mom is a super-mom. Every mom faces parenting obstacles everyday, no matter how big or small. Whether you have 1 kid or 10, it's never easy. They often try my patience, can annoy me to the fullest, and exhaust the F@#$ out of me. But, I thrive off my children, live vicariously through them and absolutely adore them.
Parenting is one of the hardest endeavors I've ever taken on. I chose it, and for me it's a necessity.

I love it.

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  1. You are definitely a Super Mom, no question! I am thankful you are the mother of my grandchildren! Full of so much unconditional love & more patients than I ever had with my 3. Not sure I could have survived 4! lol Your eternally grateful Mother-In-Law xo


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