Monday, 16 March 2015

How to survive a Staycation

It's March Break for my kids this week and sadly we aren't going anywhere. I've explained to the kids we're having a "stay-cation". It's like a vacation, but where we stay at home.
After the screaming and swearing died down, I presented my suggestions for a super, awesome staycation. These ideas are easy, creative and cheap!

Theme days 
Kids love to dress up! Create a theme day from a movie or book.
We had a Toy Story theme day where the kids dressed up as characters from the movie and we watched all 3 movies throughout the day.

Cupcake decorating
This activity is not only delicious, but creative and keeps kids busy for at least a good hour.

Movie Day
Pop some popcorn, snuggle up in some comfy pjs and put on your favourite movies. If you need some inspiration, check out my Top 5 Family Movie Review

Scavenger hunt
In our case, the weather outside is frightfulso our hunt would take place inside.
You can hide certain items yourself around the house, or send the kids to hunt for things you know are already in sight. Create a list of items and draw pictures for the little ones who can't read yet.
Make it challenging (it'll take up more time) like finding a blue and white polka dot sock or something you know would be difficult to find.
Group the kids into teams and send them on their way! Make sure to have a little treat or surprise at the end for them to enjoy:)

Beach Party
My kids are huge fans of beach parties! They put on bathing suits and turn our bathroom into a sunny destination!
They lay out towels to "sunbathe" on, make fancy drinks and play some beach themed music. It's a perfect way to forget about all the snow outside the bathroom window! This is also a perfect time to paint some nails or rub on some temporary tattoos.

Tip: Make it extra fun by throwing some Barbie dolls into the party too! The bathtub is perfect for a Barbie pool party. Use facecloths for Barbie towels, plastic tupperware for boats, and the faucet serves as a perfect Barbie diving board.

Get outside
I've expressed before that we aren't a Winter season family, so this suggestion is for everyone but us.
Try out a new activity like snow-shoeing or a sleigh ride. Pack some hot chocolate in a thermos to take along and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer!

I'd love to hear some of your ideas for a fabulous Staycation!

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