Thursday, 28 November 2013

Activity bag on the go

With 4 kids, we have a lot of extra curricular activities going on this fall. Basketball, swimming lessons, girl guides, dance class and the list goes on. Most of these activities happen in the evenings, when my husband is working, so I have to drag all the kids with me to each activity. I learned the hard way that entertaining all the kids, trying to watch my kid's activity and feeding them supper on time before we leave is impossible. So is trying to pack a bag of distractions and snacks every day as we are running out the door.

Solution = activity/snack bag left in the van.

I filled a bag with non-perishable snacks (goldfish, granola bars), drinks(juice packs, bottles of water) and activities(coloring books,stickers,cards) and left it in the trunk of the van. I know it will be there to whip out when we're at the pool, gym or dance hall and I need something to keep the other kids busy once they're sick of watching their sibling in action. I'll check it every few days to see what needs replenishing. It saves me a lot of extra planning and packing and even a little sanity :)

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