Monday, 25 November 2013

My crazy toddler is still crazy

Remember when I wrote honestly about my crazy toddler? I thought it would pass as he got older. It didn't, it got worse.
I was right about the gender differences, he is a complete opposite of his older sisters. They all went through the "Terrible 2's" but in a gentler way. Despite growing up with princess dresses and tea parties (which he thoroughly enjoys) he's a total boy through and through.
His pastimes still include throwing dinkies, but now he's graduated to larger and more destructive objects, like dollhouses, dump trucks and clementines (these might not be larger, but they definitely are messier).
His sleeping patterns have improved. He no longer wakes up at the crack of dawn, but he does have a new outlook on bedtime. As in, it doesn't exist. His new response to everything is "nebah ebah" (never ever).

Knocking on the door and throwing snowballs at me when I answer.

Noah has his own belief system of how our house should be run.

He believes if there is a pile of something (laundry, books, blankets) they should be thrown sporadically throughout the house.
He believes the toilet should be flushed every 3 minutes, over and over again.
He believes every light in the house should be turned on, then off, then on, then off.
He believes my walls look better with marker on it than paper does.


He easily goes from good (hugs, kisses,quiet voice) to bad (screaming, pushing, throwing dinkies) and sometimes a smile will accompany his face. I've noticed he gets enjoyment out of playfully bothering others and seeing their reaction. This trait is most definitely passed down from his father. When Noah gets older I shudder at the thought of the tag team that could aspire.

Throughout all this destruction, I must remember that he's still my one and only little boy who warms my heart with his smile, singing, and "I love yous". Somedays It's a big struggle to remember that. Somedays I'm more concerned about the state of my playroom, my walls and my power bill. Somedays I just want him to play quietly, leave my lights alone, and go to bed before 9pm.

And don't even get me started on potty training. "Nebah Ebah!!".


  1. Sorry Brooke, when Mike was young I told him I wished he would have a child just like him one day. I guess I wasn't thinking about his poor wife. Be careful what you wish for, right? With love from you Mother-In-Law xo

  2. my house is totally different! my son is the one who listens, the first time, and doesn't throw fits and follows the rules to the letter....and my little girl, we'll lets just say my mom got her wish as well, shes just like me!


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