Monday, 11 November 2013

Why my kids wear poppies

One day a year I stick little red flowers with pointy pins on my kids coats, bundle them up and stand outside for our town's Remembrance Day Parade and Ceremony.This year it was dark and rainy, we were wet and cold and thankfully I had to only raise my voice once. Secretly I was kind of relieved when we left and I could take the kids home, but it's an event that I'll never miss, and that I'll always take my kids to.

Remembrance Day isn't just a holiday off from work or school, it's a day that we're given to take time to celebrate and remember. It's important to me that my kids know what this day is for. Whatever it takes for them to realize the significance of this day, I'll make them do it. If it means they have to stand outside in the cold listening to bagpipes, old people recite poems and constantly stab themselves in the shoulder with a poppy pin they will.
My grandfather fought proudly in the war along with many other of our family members. We have several relatives and friends who continue to serve our country and keep us safe. It's important that my kids recognize their sacrifices and learn some history about it. They're fortunate to belong to amazing schools who recognize Remembrance Day, teach the kids what it's about and host a ceremony for them each year.

Noah is only 2 and he has no idea why I've stuck this pretty flower on his coat, and why everyone was placing theirs on the monument, but he will someday. He knew it was important and that's what he was supposed to do and no doubt he'll remember to do that next year.

Happy Monday!
Enjoy this day with your family :)

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  1. we took our kids yesterday Brooke, they did it inside (which means we were dressed for outside and almost passed out from the heat - but we were there). a few days before a local store in my village was looking for someone to place their wreath at this ceremony as they would be at a different one. We happily volunteered to do this for them and my kids were so proud to go up by themselves and place this wreath (and like you I thank their school for reinforcing the importance of this day). After we were done we enjoyed a family lunch with my parents and then heading to a friend place for the afternoon were we preformed a random act of kindness for a neighbour. My friend and I have been talking lately about getting out families involved with this idea at least once a month. Yesterday we (all 8 of us plus 2 neighbourhood kids who joined in) raked the a yard for someone who was physically unable, and the only reason we did it, was because we could. it warmed my heart to see the kids learning to help and do nice only to help and do nice.


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