Monday, 20 January 2014

Accent Walls cont'd

 Remember my post on accent walls ? I took the spare time I had this weekend to do something about the bare wall in the girls room. I would've loved to throw on a fresh coat of paint, but I hate painting and I wasn't mentally prepared for the chaos that accompanies it. I did cover up a few holes in the walls, and I've accepted that at least 1 wall will have to be painted. Just not today.
I still loved the idea of framed baby pictures and searched around for some stick on wall art that I could incorporate with it.

This was my end result.

I love pictures. I love black and white. I love matted prints.
I used Wall Pops stick and peel wall art. I've used them in the past and loved them. They come in lots of neat designs and funky colors and easily peel off without peeling any paint.
These particular stripes were on sale at my local hardware store so I scooped them up! Who doesn't love a sale!

My aunt took this shot of Lily
and it fully describes her entire personality.
Jessee circa 2008 getting ready for our wedding.
I've always loved this picture of her.

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