Monday, 6 January 2014

The Beginning of a New Year

I took a large break from blogging over the Holidays. I took the much needed time to worry about nothing else other than family and Christmas. I'm feeling a little "out of shape" and it might take me a few posts to get back into the swing of things.

Of course our Christmas was fantastic. Our kids were spoiled, sugared and packed with Christmas cheer.

We were fortunate to spend the holidays with many of our family and friends, attend festive gatherings, and enjoy some of our regular family traditions. We watched almost every Christmas movie we could and drank all the hot chocolate we could handle.

Now that Christmas is over, the corner of my living room looks a lot darker and I probably gained a few pounds, or not. For me, Christmas food living isn't much different than most days. Eat a box of Pot Of Gold in one night? That's just a regular Saturday for me. I love that it's acceptable at Christmas time, my closet sweet tooth can actually show it's face and no one will judge me.

I'm always sad to see the holidays pass. I'm never in a hurry to take our Christmas tree down and I usually leave up half of my decorations until Spring. Without the holiday cheer to accompany Winter, it's basically just cold.

Real cold.

I made no New Years resolutions. I always decide on unrealistic changes and I never keep them. Join the gym? I'll never go. Give up sweets? What for? Be a nice person. Can I get any nicer?
My husband thinks I should cut down on my cleaning obsession or my frequent need to have things organized and straight. Why would anyone want to change that? Who wants a messy house! I'm saving him alot of extra housework and the embarrassment of a messy house when people drop by to visit. Who wants to be known as the man who's wife and kids are slobs? Think of his reputation! If you think about it, I'm clearly doing him a huge favor.

My plan is to begin this new year with a happy heart, and I'll go from there.

Bring on 2014!

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