Thursday, 9 January 2014

The floor that almost wasn't

We have 1 room in the house that is carpeted. It has served as a bedroom for all of us at one point, and now permanently houses the girls. Carpet is nice and soft on your feet and keeps the room warm. But when it houses children, and animals, it never stays very clean and I was never one to take the time to fully vacuum or steam clean it to keep it as preserved as I would've liked. I steam cleaned it once, and for some reason it had a hard time drying properly. It smelled and still looked dirty.
So one day last July, I had enough of the stinky, dingy carpet and pulled up a corner to check what was underneath. After the second layer of disco themed carpet there was some nicely shaded plywood. I thought if I ripped the carpet up, we could live with just plywood for the summer while it was warm and then plan for a floor redo in the fall. We had some left over flooring from our last flooring project and Mike and my father had installed flooring before, I was sure it would be no problem to do it again. It seemed like a really easy project.
However, as I ripped up more carpet I realized there was a thick spongy underlay glued to the plywood.


Days later, after hours of back-breaking scraping, spraying and sanding I was left with this.


Not all of the underlay would come off the floor so little pieces of it would constantly stick to your socks and feet as you walked over it. I found myself vacuuming and sweeping daily. We threw down some rugs and mats for the girls to walk on, but it only helped a bit. Not to mention how ugly it looked. With busy schedules, budgets and zero knowledge on floor installation, the girls room stayed like this..for 6 months.


Then we finally bought some flooring !! Luckily we have some amazing relatives who work for beer who offered to install the flooring for us.

This room has never looked so good. I'm still on a happy house high!

One house project down.

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