Monday, 16 September 2013

A little song and dance

Happy Monday Romantics!
From the moment I saw the video of a man propose to his girlfriend lip-synching to Bruno Mars, while his friends and family danced down the street, I immediately fell in love with what I call "song and dance marriage proposals".
You know the kind, someone surprises their significant other with a marriage proposal while a flash mob dances behind them to a catchy love song. There's laughs, tears and gasps. The people in the video get pretty emotional too.

Hope these brings a smile to your face and brightens up your Monday! These videos are proof that all you need is a little love to get through the day.

Live Lip Dub Marriage Proposal

With the help of family and friends, and a small marching band, Isaac proposes to his girlfriend while lip syncing to Bruno Mars' "Marry you"
How do you not say yes?

Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Dustin arrived at the Home Depot thinking he was there to help his roommate pick out some lighting for a party. What he found waiting for him was a mob of friends and family as his marriage proposal unfolded to the song, "Somebody Loves You" by Betty Who.
Where has this song been all my life?

Mobbed Flash Dance Proposal

With the help of the show Mobbed, Nikki was blown away by her boyfriend's flash mob performance. So was I.

Movie Trailer Marriage Proposal

Matt surprises his girlfriend with a marriage proposal movie trailer at the movies!
There is no song or dance in this proposal, but I couldn't resist sharing this talent.

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