Monday, 23 September 2013

Lunch Box Hero

I'm finally back in the routine of packing lunches. I always found this a challenge, not knowing how much to pack, or what to pack. Making sure I pack everything the right way so nothing gets squished or broken. A few other mothers introduced me to these new Planet Lunch Boxes. Not only are these eco-friendly and dishwasher safe, they have a compartment for everything that allows you to easily pack a well-balanced lunch. No saran wrap, no plastic bags. Woohoo!

However, they're expensive, and I'm cheap. And my children lose things, constantly. So I didn't purchase these lunchboxes. I figured I could find some sort of Walmart  knock-off that could serve the same purpose. Wrong. I searched everywhere and no such knock-off. Luckily I did find a suitable plastic lunch container with 3 compartments at Sobeys that I was satisfied with. There are 2 small compartments and 1 large compartment with a top. The whole box folds so that nothing can fall out. It lets me control the amount of snack I'm packing, and looks so neat and organized! You know I love that!

I actually look forward to packing lunches now. So much so, that I've joined a facebook group created by the "planet lunchbox mothers" to share our lunch ideas and photos. They give me great inspiration to pack healthy and creative lunches.

Don't these look delicious? Beats the ham and cheese sandwich in a brown paper bag I used to get.

These lunchboxes can of course be used for adults too!


  1. I love my planet box and love being part of this group! I need to get my todays photos up!

  2. Your girls must be soooooo happy you're enjoying making lunches and excited over what they find each day!

  3. So do I, it's changed my life in so many ways!


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