Thursday, 12 September 2013

Summer Checklist - The End

Now that summer is coming to an end, it's time to recap our Summer Checklist. I created this checklist as an inspiration for us to try new and fun summer activities. We only accomplished 7 things.Ugh. I hadn't failed as a mom in months, my record was going so well..until now. My children like to point out the empty check boxes on the chalkboard frequently as my punishment.
Perhaps I set our limitations too high. Who would've thought going canoeing and making homemade ice cream would've been such a hard task to accomplish. Apparently for us, it was. I searched some other family checklists online and I found things like learn a new joke, have pancakes for supper and wear your clothes backwards for a day. That stuff is easy. Why didn't I chose those activites? You can be sure I'll be revamping our checklist for next year.
Like I said, we did accomplish 7 things on our list. 7 fun things!

Here's our recap:

We had a campfire
I made delicious roasted bananas.
I split open a banana and stuffed it with marshmallows and peanut butter cups.
Wrapped it in tinfoil and left it on the fire for about 10 minutes. I know they might look a little unappetizing in the picture, but they weren't.
We also brought out some sparklers later in the night which are always a hit with a kids. (this could be an easy checklist activity).


We watched a movie under the stars

We made it to the drive-in once this summer. Once. It was raining and we couldn't really see any stars but we still had a great time!

We went on a picnic
This was by far one of my favorite summer moments. We picnicked beside the river after a refreshing swim. We made sure to repeat this activity throughout the summer.

We went to an outdoor concert

We rode the PEI Ferry

We didn't light our own fireworks, but we did watch them twice this summer. That counts right?

We visited the Farmer's Market
However, I don't know if I would actually call it a summer event we enjoyed. It was crowded, loud, we almost lost all 4 kids and everyone wanted something from every table we walked by. Since I wasn't made of money that day and the sound of screeching children was drilling a hole through my head, we didn't stay there long. Perhaps on another day, with just 1 child, or on my own this could be a fun experience. They had lots of great things to buy and enjoy. But you know I still scored a picture!

We performed a Random Act of Kindness
Since it was random, I had no camera to capture the rare kindness my 7 year old displayed. I wanted it to be something one of the kids thought up on their own. While waiting in the Tim Hortons drive-thru the customer ahead of us dropped a handful of change while trying to pass it through the window to the employee inside. Without a thought, Jessee jumped out of the car and immediately started to gather up the change and passed it inside. How proud was I.

In the end, we still had a fabulous summer and made many great memories. The idea of a Summer Fun Checklist was brilliant, and I'll definitely use it again. I hope that some of our activities inspired other families to try new things and create fun, family memories!


  1. we finished all but 2 on ours, and one of the ones we didn't finish, flying kites! how did we manage to not do this! But I'm going with summer isn't officially over until September 21...I still have time! My favorite list activity our family did was whale watching!!


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