Monday, 2 September 2013

Beach Memory Jars

On Fathers Day we took our first family trip of the year to the beach. At bedtime Madison called me into her room to thank me for the wonderful day we had, and told me how much she loved the beach and couldn't wait to go back. That made such a lasting impression on me, and I didn't realize how much it meant to her. It was Noah's first real experience, since he's only 2, he's always been too little to really enjoy it.We visited the beach more frequently than most summers, and our kids made some lasting memories.

Throughout the sunny season I collected sand, shells and rocks whenever we went to the beach. Now that the beach weather was slowly coming to an end, I decided I would finally put the rocks and shells I collected to good use. I created memory jars of our beach trips that everyone so enjoyed, so the kids could remember what great memories we created.

I bought a few jars from Dollarama and layered the sand, rocks and shells. I chose a jar with a top that could stay tightly closed and would be difficult for the kids to get off. I tied some craft straw around it with a label that read "Beach Memories 2013". I made one for each of the girls to have in their bedrooms.

They loved them! This a great keepsake or gift idea.
Decorating with sand and shells is easy and cheap. Who doesn't love a little reminder of hot summer days throughout their house.

Here's a few other beach inspired jars I love that you could make for kids or just to decorate your home.

Happy Holiday Monday!

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