Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday Fun Snack Day - Apple Teeth

In lieu of back to school, I chose a snack that used apples. We all love apples in our house and they are so versatile when it comes to snacks. We always have apples and peanut butter so "Apple Teeth" were an easy snack for us!
Apparently today is National "Toasted Marshmallow Day". How fitting. This is also a fun snack that can be used at Halloween.

What you need
Red apples
Mini marshmallows
Peanut butter or alternative if there are allergies

How you make it 
Cut apple slices into flat wedges - If your family enjoys apples I reccommend investing in an apple slicer. Saves time and so easy!
Spread the peanut butter of your choice on the bottom wedges
Stand mini marshmallows upright on bottom wedge
Spread the peanut butter on the bottom side of top wedge
Place top wedge on top of the marshmallows.

They were a hit !

Hey Parents here's a sweet tip!
Instead of tossing out leftover apples why not turn it into a delicious smelling simmer pot while you're in the kitchen cleaning up. Simply fill a saucepan with water, add the peels or cores of the apples and whatever else you might like. Cinnamon, cloves and allspice are a good addition. Boil to release the oils, turn down to simmer and enjoy the aroma!

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  1. Great ideas Brooke - I'll definitely give the simmer pot a try!


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