Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Summer Family Checklist - outdoor concert

We checked off activity #3 - go to an outdoor concert! Actually, we were lucky enough to attend not one, but two outdoor concerts on the same day!
It was a beautiful day, the sun was shinning and we were happy to be out enjoying music, dancing and  snacks.

First we went to the Children's Jubilee and listened to a children's entertainer, Sunshine Sue. She sang songs, put on a puppet show and told funny stories. The kids were dancing and singing along with her and really enjoyed themselves.

Later that evening we attended an outdoor family ceilidh. There were musical entertainers all evening, a bbq, strawberry shortcake (Jessee's fav!) and lots of other goodies to choose from. Although the rain put a small damper on our outdoor fun, we still had the opportunity to listen to some great music and enjoy our time together.

I love any activity that will take us outside and experience something new!

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