Friday, 2 August 2013

Helpful hints that saved my sanity

Over the last few weeks, I've come across a few handy tips that have made my life a little bit easier. I'm sure many of my readers have heard of them before, but they may surprise someone!

Maximize party music
While on vacation in PEI with our extended family, we had a birthday get together for Mike and his twin brother Shane. Of course we didn't plan on bringing music and speakers on our trip, and what started with a simple supper turned into my kids dancing and entertaining the whole group. With all the people in our cottage, we couldn't hear the music coming from the tiny speakers on the Ipod and my daughter's were instantly broken-hearted. We placed the Ipod in a glass bowl and it maximized the sound. Crisis averted, my kids could dance again.
You know the saying "if mama's happy, everybody's happy"? This is so not true. If my kids are happy, everybody's happy!

How to fix a broken flip flop
One day, I took the kids for a walk downtown and the unimaginable happened. My flip flop broke!I couldn't walk 3 steps without it coming apart again. I couldn't walk around barefoot and it was a Sunday evening so no stores were open to buy a new pair. Then I remembered reading online a cool tip to fix a flip flop using a bread bag tag. Luckily the coffee house we were at had one! Problem solved!

Here's a link with instructions (also including one using a paper bag in-case a bread tag can't be found)

Packing cereal for lunch
My kids (and my husband) love cereal and it makes for a good snack in their lunch-bags. I always had a hard time trying to pack cereal and milk together, along with containers to hold it all. A thermos saved the day! They aren't only used for hot meals, but could easily store milk and keep it cold. The cup works perfectly instead of a bowl for the cereal and it doesn't take up a lot of room in their lunch-bag.

Hope these tips made someone's life a little easier!

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