Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Summer Family Checklist - go on a picnic!

Last week were finally able to check off our first Summer Family activity! Go on a picnic. We spent a beautiful Wednesday morning at a local Provincial Nature Park that has picnic areas, and a fresh water river. Amazingly it was our first trip to this watering hole. The kids loved it! It was a great day for a picnic and a refreshing swim in the river.

We brought along all the traditional picnic essentials, except the wicker basket. That would have really made the experience. I put together a little checklist of picnic essentials when bringing a group of kids.

1.A blanket. It's not a picnic without one.
2.Paper towels, napkins or baby wipes (my recommendation) for sticky hands.
3.Drinks in cups with lids, or juice packs. Spills are frequent and hard to avoid during picnics.
4.Snacks that don't require much preparation or mess. Sandwiches (peanut butter and jam with the crust cut off if you're looking to feel nostalgic), crackers, pre-cut fruit, granola bars, chips etc.
5.Paper plates and utensils if you are eating something a little more elaborate.

Everyone loves a picnic and an outdoor swim! This was a great way to kick-off our Summer checklist!

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  1. that looks great was it Saltsprings? we haven't been there in 5 years!! I should take a trip and fly some kites (thats one of the things on my kids summer to do list!)


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