Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Project Organize

Like I've mentioned before.. I don't mind clutter if I can't see it. I have a alot of drawers and cupboards in my kitchen which makes for a great burrow for junk. If I'm quickly cleaning I might throw a few items in a drawer and worry about putting them away later, or maybe I'll stash some objects in there that I think I'll use at a later time. I never do.
Having a drawer full of junk especially makes it hard for me, and my kids to find things. Batteries (we're always looking for batteries!!) flashlights, extension cords. I'll send someone to the "junk drawer" to find something and it's emptied on the kitchen floor in an even bigger mess and they never find what they're looking for.

One thing I'm not short on is empty wipes containers. I like to save them thinking they'll come in handy someday, they're durable, have a pop up top and if I'm paying almost $4 a tub I might as well get some real use out of it. Hence, my idea to use them in my project. Perfect. I'm a genius.

Some other great organizers I've found around the house are ice cub trays, small empty chocolate boxes, egg cartons,utensil trays and shoe boxes.

While cleaning out this drawer I realized it's been a really, really, really long time since I've actually looked in here. I found a VHS tape of the movie White Fang that Jessee bought for Mike for Christmas last year at a church sale. Unfortunately it's not his kind of movie, and we don't own a VHS player. Although I just read that the wolfdog in the film is the same wolfdog in the movie The Journey of Natty Gann which was a favourite movie of mine as a kid. Maybe it's not such a bad movie after all?
I tried to talk Jessee out of it and pick something else, but she was so determined that he would "just love it" that I couldn't argue anymore. The look of pride on her face when he opened it Christmas morning was worth the waste of a toonie. I guess I didn't have the heart to toss it. Also among the chaos was an old Birthday card the kids and I gave to Mike. You'll notice it's signed "baby x" which is what we lovingly called Noah before we found out the gender (note: he's 2 years old now) do I have a hoarding issue?

I love that I can find everything now!

Here are some inspirations for more drawer organizing:

Please tell me I'm not the only mom out there who somehow feels a little more put together knowing that one of my drawers is.


  1. I LOVE organizing drawers too, Brooke!
    ~ Janelle

  2. your not the only one. I also find cascade dishwasher tabs containers great for organizing as well, I have my clothes pins in one right now!


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