Friday, 5 July 2013

Friday Fundays - Mega Friday

This particular Friday is the kind of Friday you want to blast Wyclef's Friday..all day long. I'm a simple girl, meaning small things make my day and I look forward to any kind of excitement. Today is full of all of those things!
Basically every one of those reasons could be a separate blog post on their own but I've tied them altogether to celebrate a "mega Friday".

My reasons for loving today:
#1 It's my first official Friday off for summer vacation
For you working folk, you know the meaning of having a day off. Some people might not call what I do "work" and sometimes I don't. Compared to other jobs, I think it have it easy, most days. However, having a day to make your own rules, and have a break from the everyday routine is a real treat.

#2 All four of my children are gone for the day
Whether you're a mother of 1, or 12, you appreciate a few hours to yourself. What will I do? I'm like a giddy teenager on my way to a summer party!  My kids are having fabulously fun days at daycamp and preschool so I don't at all feel guilty shipping them off.

This isn't me, but it's how I feel today!

#3 My brother-in-law arrives from Vienna for 4 weeks
It's been 2 long years since Mike's twin brother was home. Aside from Skype, the kids haven't personally seen uncle Shane since 2011. They've grown so much, developed little personalities and I can't wait for them to share them with him. Noah was an actual baby, and now he's walking, and talking. Shane will have to practice dodging dinkies. Not to mention how happy my husband will be. Him and Shane are inseparable (as twins should be) so having a happy and excited household is a great way to start my weekend.

#4 It's Lobster Carnival
Lobster Carnival is the best celebration our town throws! I've never missed one in my 31 years. To me, it means family and fun. Relatives and friends come from all over for the weekend, and our little town is absolutely bursting. It's a wonderful kick-off to the summer!

Just like every event that I look forward to, I know this weekend will be gone in a flash and I'll be dreading the Monday morning blahs. I'll be sure to make every moment count!

Enjoy and have a fun filled weekend :)

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