Monday, 15 July 2013

Weekend Family Fun & Summer Camp

Our weekend road trip was a success. We scheduled pit stops when the kids got bored and loud, and we brought lots of snacks, books and games to keep them busy in between. We stopped for a traditional "new to us" park play (somewhere outside Halifax) that gave them a chance to get out and stretch their legs, and explore a cool new park!

There were a few tears, whines and "are we there yet's" but we all managed to get through the long, boring drive in 1 piece.
Of course, we stopped at our kid's favorite, McDonald's for supper(with a playplace hooray!) and a very impromptu,sunset swim at the falls at Victoria Park. Without towels or swimsuits. Luckily I had enough extra, dry clothes packed and used mine and Mike's sweaters as towels (aren't parents supposed to suffer so that our kids are comfortable). Our road trips always seem to lead us in a completely opposite direction that what we plan and pack for, but that's what makes it more fun! Random family fun turns out to be the most fun and memorable!
Unfortunately my camera battery died before all this random fun took place, and I have no pictures to document! I'm still having trouble getting over this even today.

On Sunday I sent my oldest daughter to camp for 3 days. The first time she's ever been away from home that long without a family member. I went to the same camp when I was younger, and enjoyed every minute of it, so I know she will too! This is a huge milestone for her and for me. It means she's really and truly growing up and that I have to somehow accept that fact. I think going away to camp is a traditional right of passage on the road to growing up. It feels like yesterday this beautiful, animated 9 year old used to be a delicate, helpless baby that I would cradle, and rock to sleep. It hasn't hit me until now that she isn't a baby anymore, and this is a whole new step in life that I'm dealing with. She of course settled in with no problems, and actually pushed me out the door. I guess this means she'll be fine? But will I?

I sent a little notebook with her with a note from me, and lots of space to write about all the fun she's having. We sent some mail for her to receive while she's there so she won't miss us and I made sure to reassure her that she wasn't missing a thing at home!

I'd love to hear your camp stories!

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