Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday Fundays - Road Trip Prep

It finally happened. I didn't think it ever would, but it did. And I don't know how to handle it.

Blogger's block.

Here I am on Thursday night, the kids are asleep, my tea is steeping and I'm ready to start my blog for tomorrow's Friday Funday! However, it's an hour later and I have nothing fun to write about. No ideas, no witty comments, no pictures. I thought I could write about my plans for the day. I could write that it's my mother-in law's birthday, that the sun is shining, or that I'm avidly considering taking a nap after lunch. But I didn't have enough material to fill a whole blog, and is that really what you want to read about?
What does one do when they encounter this problem? I actually googled it and there was a "Getting through Blogger's Block for Dummies" The internet is a wondrous thing. There were lots of interesting ideas, but none that really inspired me.
My husband's advice? Skip tomorrow's blog posting. What kind of advice is that? Disappoint my fans? I'm kind of joking about that, but I do have an aunt who sends me threatening messages if I miss a post or don't post early enough in the day for her to read.

After hours of thinking, backspacing and several rejected ideas from my 9 year old, I've decided I'm just going to post some inspirational pictures that will properly narrate our weekend. We're planning a road trip to the south shore for a family reunion. It's at least a 3 hour drive, and with kids, bathroom breaks, and pit stops I imagine we'll be driving all morning.

Our worst road trip was to Prince Edward Island 2 years ago.We drove in February so we had to take the Confederation Bridge, instead of the Ferry. It took us 5 hours, Lily threw up twice, and not one Tim Hortons had lemon doughnuts. I'm hoping (praying even?) this trip will be a bit better.

Here's a few pictures from previous road trips we've embarked on:

Nothing tops a road trip like sleeping kids...ahhh so quiet

Pit stops are a must

Always bring some sort of entertainment

I'd love to hear some entertaining road trip stories and suggestions!

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  1. I am also doing a similar trip this weekend:-) Traveling with a 2 month old and breastfeeding I am interested to see how the 4 hour road trip will go. I am expecting a few stops and all my fingers crossed for a long nap! She is good in the car, but we haven't done anything longer than 1.5 hrs.


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