Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bedroom Curtains

After a very hot and sunny weekend, I'm grateful for these long anticipated window coverings.

We renovated our bedroom well before Christmas and I've been very slow at setting it up. I still don't have any lamps on our bedside tables. Part of the reason is my fear of kids breaking them, but everytime I walk in  the room I see how empty it still is.Finally, I took care of our windows. For 6 months I've been falling asleep to the view of a tinkerbell blanket and a ripped sheet covering my windows. Yuck! It was finally time to do something about that.
I really took my time finding the right window coverings. I wasn't sure if I wanted blinds, or curtains, or both. Our bedroom has skylights so there is a lot of light coming in so I wanted something I could easily block out the sun if I needed to. Plus buying 6 window panels can get expensive! 

Then out of nowhere, Walmart had a curtain sale! It was fate! I couldn't leave empty handed.
Our bedroom has 3 windows. I bought curtains for 2 of them because one window is located right above our bed, and I need more time to figure out a plan for that window.

I'll admit I didn't splurge on curtain rods. I'd love some big, chunky white curtain rods, like these:

However, I settled for some older rods I had sitting in the basement (f-r-e-e). I hung the curtain rod higher above the window to make the ceiling appear higher and the window bigger. Our bed has a large headboard the same shade as the new curtains, and I feel like it's too much brown if I continue the same window treatments. Also it's attached to the wall, so there isn't much room for curtains behind it. Window treatment,  yes, but the same ones as the other 2 windows? Or maybe a different pattern as a focal point? I'm still deciding.

I can't have this any longer !

Here are some similar bedrooms I've been inspired by:

Lamps are next!
What kind of window treatments are in your bedroom?

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