Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Nice New Couch

We renovated our sunroom just before Christmas. Before it was a large, rectangule shaped room with 15 windows and a patio door. We turned half of the room into our bedroom, replaced the windows and patio door and installed new flooring. Now its our playroom/family room that houses all our kid's toys, a small bar area and a record player. It's always been a working progress, and I know I'll be spending many more months just getting the room right. I hate to admit it, I still don't have curtains on the windows.
But what I do have now, is a nice new couch! The only seating arrangements we had was an old computer chair in the corner and kid-sized stools. I wanted something we could sit on to read books, relax why our kids played in there, and a piece of furniture that would take away some of the emptiness the room had. Of course I had an idea of what I wanted, either a big comfy couch, or 2 large reading chairs. I had been searching around online a bit for some ideas, when all of a sudden a fellow facebook friend posted a FREE couch to give away! It's straight out of the 1970's but it's been cleaned and well taken care of. For a stay at home mother of 4, you take what you can get! It wasn't the dream couch I had been imagining about for that room, but it was bright, funky and in great condition. I figured I would just roll with it.
This gorgeous antique doesn't really match our wall colour at all, but that's something we can change. A gallon of paint is cheaper than a new couch. It does, however, match my toy baskets, pillows and wall decor.
 I'm just happy we finally have a little life in that room, and somewhere to sit.

Next is to find an area rug and maybe a lamp to match. I'm choosing a solid colour rug so it doesn't clash with the pattern on the couch. Should it be red to match the couch, blue to match the walls, or a neutral colour like beige? Here are some ideas I found. 

What do you think?


  1. I say think browns or even yellow!! LOVE the couch!!

  2. Yeah, a neutral or an accent color in the couch.

  3. I'd go with a neutral like the last option or a soft yellow would be pretty too. I love the pillows you have on the couch. Large floral prints are back in a big way so I'd say your funky couch is right on trend!

  4. Hard to see all the colours in the couch Brooke (which is awesome by the way) but I am liking the idea of a yellow or even more gold if that is in the couch. Looks so comfy.

  5. I'm going to go against the grain of everyone else, but I think green (as in your accent pillows and the green in your couch) for the simple reason of practicality. I would tend to agree and say a neutral colour for a million reasons, BUT you DO have four children and are a caregiver on top of that. If food is off limits, and you're not concerned with other mess or having to clean the rug often, then yes neutral for president! Otherwise, I'd go with something solid, like I suggested green, because you may find it's less work. Just a thought!


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