Tuesday, 27 August 2013

American Dolls have Birthdays too !

Both my daughters and several of their friends have American Girl Dolls. They're basically today's tween version of a cabbage patch kid. Each doll has a name, history, and birthday. Recently Madison was invited to her friend's American Girl Doll's Birthday Party and I thought it'd be a great blog post. Guaranteed there are lots of parents out there who have already, or will be planning their daughter's American Girl Doll's Birthday!

Since the dolls are only 18" tall, everything was little. The snacks were mini cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies and candies. Party favours were mini bottles of bubbles, tiny jars of sand and shells and gift bags of small sized doll accessories personalized with the guest doll's name. Madison's doll is Julie.

The guests coloured party hats for their dolls and put together mini activity diaries with games like tic tac toe and math problems.
This creative mom found lots of great ideas on

For presents, most of the guests made something for the Birthday doll! Luckily Madison's grandmother is handy at sewing so they made a fashionable cape to add to her closet.

If you aren't as crafty (like me) you can easily make up some home-made doll sized accessories like these:

Home-made jewellery using a jewellery kit or yarn.
You can find some inexpensive kits at the Dollar Store. Since the girls love to match their dolls, you can create some matching jewellery sets for your daughter and her doll.

Duct Tape Accessories
I've made some of these myself and it was really easy. Now that Duct Tape comes in a range of stylish colours and patterns you can really make some neat accessories like wallets and pillows. You can find instructions on Doll Diaries and even step-by step videos on Youtube

Have fun and Happy Crafting!


  1. Is this what I have to look forward to! Not only plan for your kids bday parties, but their dolls?!?!

  2. You sure do! Haha! It can be alot of fun though!


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