Friday, 9 August 2013

Shift work - it doesn't work

My husband works his heart out for a tire production company. Since the world desperately needs tires, they operate 24/7, meaning he works shift work. He works 12 hour shifts which rotate from day to night shifts every 2 days, and every second weekend. Every 8 days he works night shifts which means once a week our children go at least 2 full days without seeing him.
This kind of schedule takes a toll on our family life, our relationship and most importantly him. With 4 kids with busy schedules it's a challenge for him to be apart of everything. Basically the kids and I run a somewhat smooth routine and Mike jumps in when he can.

Mike works hard at what he does. He sacrifices a lot to look after us, and we'll always love him for that. As do so many other parents who put their families before themselves.

Maija from Yummy Mummy Club wrote a blog post about being married to a shift worker and nailed it!

A little advice that's worth reading!
Happy weekend :)

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