Monday, 26 August 2013

Arranging Flowers

Summer is the season of picking flowers. My kids love to run around the yard and gather handfuls and I love to have them displayed in my kitchen. Nothing brightens up a room like a fresh vase of colorful flowers.
Here are a few tips on displaying flowers and helping them to last longer.

1. Pick a vase and thoroughly clean it. Anything can work as a vase, the more unique, the better! I love to use old mason jars, or clear glass vases. You can use other household items to house your flowers like an antique teapot, a fancy glass or a large mug.

2. Prepare your flowers. Cut the stems under luke-warm water, once the stems are cut they immediately suck up all the water. Make sure to cut at least 1" from the bottom of each stem and remove any leaves that will lie below the level of the water in the vase as this will help to keep the flowers fresh. Try cutting at an angle, with the scissors slanting up or downwards. This allows the flowers to receive more nutrients.

3. Add water and flower food. Partially fill the vase with room temperature water and add any flower food you are using.

4. Arrange your flowers. I received a few tips from a florist friend. She suggests arranging the outside flowers first and make them a bit shorter then the rest so it becomes a dome shape. A neat hint is to make the arrangement as high as the vase is tall, then it will look proportioned to the vase.
You can be creative and add some sand, pebble rocks, or painted stones at the bottom of your vase to add color and decor.
Or simply place some flower petals or in a bowl of water with some floating candles to create a serene arrangement for a bathroom.

I love that all these flowers were freshly picked from our gardens!

Of course there are so many different kinds of flowers that you can mix and match patterns, colours and flower types. Even just a tall, clear vase with 1 flower can look just as beautiful as a vase full of arranged flowers. Here are a few inspirations I love.

What are some of your favourite flowers to decorate with?

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