Monday, 9 September 2013

Guest Post - One Day at a Time

Two years ago, my good friend Amy packed up her life and moved to England. The amazement that is computers, skype and facebook has kept me updated on her life while living so far away. She posts a photo of something that's happening in her life everyday. I look forward to those photos, find myself searching facebook for them. They've become a big part of my day and it makes me feel apart of what she's experiencing. I asked her to volunteer to write a guest blog for me and she outdid herself.

One day at a time.

On the stroke of midnight, when we moved from 2011 to 2012 I took a picture. It wasn’t a particularly amazing picture, a bit blurry and dark but it was important. It was the first picture in a series of photo’s which have helped me see my life through a different lens.

When I woke up that morning, I posted the photo on Facebook and thought - "I’m going to find something in today which I think is worth stopping and taking a moment for". So came another day and another photo and I’ve continued this for over a year and a half (almost!) now.
The guideline I set for myself was simple - the photo had to be taken on the day it was posted. Some days this commitment has been a real pain in my ass but I think that it’s those days when I need this pledge to self the most. Those are the days when I need to stop and take the time to look around me, outside of me and see something else.
There have since been days where I have bent the rule to commemorate a dear friend or to highlight the adorableness of my grandnephew but each picture has had significance to me on that day.

Now 1.5 years later this collection of photos is more than just its individual images - it serves as a day by day snap shot of my life as I saw it, in that moment of each day. I’ve grown to know how important it is every day to:
1. Find something to be grateful about.
2. Find something which is worth taking a moment for.
3. Know how I want to feel and do things that make me feel that way.

I think many of us do this without really naming it or noting what it is that we’re doing. Brookers does this with her blog. My mum does it in her daily emails to me. The action, the gratefulness, the moment doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone except you – that’s the beauty of it!

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