Thursday, 20 June 2013

Class Trips

It's that time of year again. School is almost over and class trips are upon us! I remember how much fun I had as a kid on class trips. The bus ride, exploring a new place, and having a special lunch packed in a brown paper bag with my name written on it. Everytime I see those bags I fondly remember those fun times.

Both Madison and Jessee had class trips yesterday, which made it easier because I could help the girls pack everything at the same time, make the same kind of lunches (no glass bottles, or microwavable food) and sunscreen them both up before they left.
The night before was busy and we didn't get to packing until well after our bedtime curfew. I should know by now not to leave things until the last minute. So many things went wrong.
They needed a long sleeved shirt. Surprise, there were no clean long sleeved shirts. Begin laundry, and remind myself not to forget to dry them and put them in their backpack.
Bring a towel. No clean towels?! C'mon!
Pack sunscreen. I had already bought a bottle of sunscreen and labelled them for each girl. Why can't I find Jessee's? I can't be the mom who sends her without sunscreen. Can I remember to buy some before school tomorrow? Probably not.
Label everything.
Madison's trip was a rain or shine event, so she needed everything packed - pants, shorts, boots, sweater, jacket. She only wanted leggings. Where are all the leggings at?!
Where's my husband at?!

In the morning I did remember to dry the towels and long sleeved shirts. Game point. Madison was convinced we were late and she was going to miss her bus. We were actually early. She actually told me to run a stop sign to get to the school on time. It's a 5 minute drive and I swear I grew 2 grey hairs on the way.
I wanted to pack a special treat in their lunch, something they don't usually have. Of course, I ran out of time the night before turning my house upside down looking for leggings. So I had to stop at the grocery store on the way to school (insert Madison's hulk transformation here) I ended up grabbing some yogurt drinks and pineapple = happy kids!

I love to see my kids happy and excited for things, they actually skipped into school today! I can't wait to hear all their stories when they get home and I hope they make amazing memories like I did.

Oh, but guess what. Jessee's trip was cancelled due to rain until today. Thankfully the sun is out in full force today!

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