Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My honest toddler

Fellow blogger Karen over at The Sort of Crunchy Hall-Smith Family introduced me to a hilarious parenting blog, The Honest Toddler  and I've been following weekly. Many of you might have already heard of it, but to me, its new. Either way it's worth the share!

 I can't praise this woman enough. She writes about her toddler, from the view of her toddler. From dissing Super Nanny to letters for Santa, this blog has everything! It's so refreshing to read that there is another mother out there dealing with the same things I am and instead of pulling her hair out, she's laughing about it all. After so many years of hard-parenting advice books from so many "experts" it's fantastic to read about someone who, I feel, really understands. She's inspired me to find humour in my own parenting problems. Spending every day with a houseful of toddlers and raising my last toddler of the family (Noah is 2), I can relate to many of the stories she's shared.

Like her toddler, Noah enjoys breaking crackers....and lamps, and toys, and dishes (the list goes on). He too loves to hug and trap our cats (he may have inherited that trait from a certain parent) and he thinks that everything is edible. Argh.
I don't remember any of the girls acting like this when they were toddlers. There were lots of outbursts, tears, and drama of course (they're girls!) But they were never this destructive and nutty. Is it because he's a boy? I thought being surrounded by girls he might be more tame. I was so wrong. Noah sees nothing wrong with tossing dinkies across the room at your head, or opening the front door and escaping to the woods in bare feet. To him, mornings mean rising with the sun, screaming until you deliver a cup of juice and the tv remote and being content only after jumping on my head 3 times while I'm still half asleep. I know this phase won't last. I went through the same sleep schedule with all my kids and one by one they began to sleep all night, sleep in past 7am and even nap voluntarily. So I know there is hope, I just have to stick it out until then!

I have to admit, it's a fascinating age. Noah is learning to talk, and it's so cute! It's fun to watch him play and think up new activities on his own. He's still little enough to rock and snuggle and I'll never get sick of that! I know I should cherish these moments, because time will fly by. But how does one do that when they're so tired? Haha! I'll admit, I'm looking forward to sleeping, but since he's the last baby I have, I'm secretly hoping he'll stay one a little bit longer.

Enjoy and Happy Parenting!

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