Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday Fundays

Happy Friday!! This is an extra special Fun Friday because 2 very important things are happening today in the our family. (Therefore, this blog post will be huge)

#1 - It's Grading Day! The last official day of school for Madison and Jessee. Madison is switching schools for next year, so this grading day will be a special one, and emotional one. However, this means It's officially summer now!
I love this time of year. As much as I love sending my kids to school, and the importance of education, I'm so excited to let my kids sleep in (seriously, Madison is a grizzly bear in the morning) wear their pjs all day, and lay around and watch cartoons until lunch. They worked hard all year too, and they deserve to be a kid for 2 months.
#2 - It's Noah's first day at a real, live preschool. He'll be attending 1 day a week.
I've done the preschool thing so many times, for so many years, yet it never gets old. This is my 4th child heading off to preschool, and I'm still a wreck! Also, it's only 1 day a week, I'll see him in just a few hours. Yet I'm still holding back tears watching him walk out the front door, with his best Levis on and his Cars backpack strapped on tight. Will he cry for me? Does he understand I'm leaving him there? What if he throws dinkies at everyone? Being a childcare provider I'm the one the tear filled parents drop their children with, so I see the other side of the situation. It comforts me, because every child is always fine. Just fine. So I know he will be, this whole event just reminds me that my son is officially growing up, and he's not a little baby anymore. I vividly remember taking Lily's picture last year as she walked out the door to preschool thinking I'd have so much time until it was Noah's turn. But here I am, and where did that time go?

It's also that time of year for teacher gifts! My girls had amazing teachers this year, and they deserve a new car, or a pony for their job well done. But for now, some simple crafts from the heart will have to do. I like to personalize gifts, and create something that the girls can pass out to all the helpers at their school.

For their homeroom teachers we picked up some pretty plants and made cards to stick in the pot that read "thanks for helping me grow". We stuck them on pencils just to be creative!

We made up some treat bags with chocolate goodies in them for the other teachers and helpers around the school. They made cards that read " have a sweet summer". Each one of them had a hand in making the girl's year a memorable one. Their gym teacher, music teacher, secretary, lunchroom helper, etc. The list goes on! And a little special gift for another favourite teacher! We painted a mug with chalkboard paint and they wrote " #1 teacher " and we filled it with assorted teas and hot chocolate.

It's an emotional day for this mom! Thank goodness it's a long weekend!

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  1. Beautiful & so thoughtful! xo


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