Wednesday, 5 June 2013

DIY Personalized shoe bins

My kids have a lot of shoes. It really is true what they say about girls and shoes. 3 girls and at least 5 pairs each. They have more than I do! I hate clutter (unless it's concealed) and this entryway disaster was just driving me nuts! I had an extra can of chalkboard paint left over from a previous project and thought I'd finally put it to good use.

My friend Amelia @ House Pretty had posted a project similar to this to organize her hats and mittens in her hall closet. I loved the thought of the chalkboard and what a unique way to label things! So I thought Id give it a try!

I bought 4 plastic bins from Dollarama @ $2 each. ( I love that place!) I used Dynamic Chalkboard Paint that I purchased from Home Hardware for less than $10, and just a medium sized sponge brush (another Dollarama purchase). I taped off a square section for the paint and got started! FYI this stuff smells awful when it's wet, make sure to open up some windows or try painting outside or in the basement.

I let the kids write their names on the bins themselves. It was a fun activity for them and helped them feel apart of the project. Lily (my 3 year old) kept saying "I just can't believe it, our own shoe baskets, can you believe this Madison?" How cute is that! They all had fun finding their own shoes and organizing them all in their own bins. Now they're always putting their shoes back in their bins. One less chore for mom!

How much better does this look now?

I've still got some chalkboard paint left, any ideas?



  2. Great ideas!


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