Monday, 10 June 2013

Gardening 101

One of the best things about summer is finally being able to get out and tidy up our gardens, and plant some new flowers to brighten up our lawn. We had some lovely, sunny days last week which gave us the chance to do just that. Mike is the real gardener in the family, and before I met him I basically knew nothing and actually stuck plastic dollar store plants in the dirt and thought it looked pretty. I've come a long way and learned a lot!
We bought some assorted seeds and lily bulbs from Vessey's as part of a fundraiser my sister-in-law was canvassing for. Sunflowers (my favourite!) Lupins, Hollyhocks and forget-me-nots.

Planting Lilies in our garden now has become a ritual since Lily was born. She always helps plant them and loves to point out the flowers that are named after her. (Not the other way around of course). We planted them in our front garden since it had some space to spare and not many coloured plants. They've already started to sprout up as I'm writing this blog. Whenever Mike asks what we should plant, I reply "big and colourful!" I think that's what gardens are supposed to be!

It's fun to involve the kids. They love to dig in the dirt, and fill up their watering cans to water the plants. It teaches them to how to care for something, makes them feel a part of a fun activity and they can see the end result of all their hard work. I love when adult tools are shrunk to accommodate kids. Tool belts, cooking utensils, gardening sets. It's adorable and oh so fun! How cute is this watering can? And kid?

I also got to hang up our new Summer flag! Sticking to the sunflower theme we have throughout the garden (and our kitchen) it fits in perfectly!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend :) Beat those Monday blahs by reading my post about Monday Mornings. Hopefully there will be lots of people having sex, spending money and maxing out their visas planning future vacations.

Enjoy, and happy parenting !

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  1. we did our flower garden a couple weeks ago and the vegetable garden just this past weekend! its so much fun!


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