Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Fundays

I think I like posting on Fridays, it's a great way to end my week and an even greater way to begin my weekend. I've already stated how much I love Fridays, and weekends. Unfortunately Mike works, so it's just me take on the kids! It's supposed to be raining all weekend which means a case of shack wacky kids! I've already planned out some activities for us so we can still enjoy our weekend. I have some DIY disasters to tackle in Noah's bedroom that the kids can help with (stay tuned for that result!) and of course some house cleaning that I've let slip during the week. Most importantly, as part of our family traditions, rainy days mean baking and movies!
I've got the baking cupboard stocked with ingredients, and some High School Musical and Muppets on the DVR so we are more than ready. My friend Deelle over at Mother and Fitness posted a delicious looking recipe for Black Bean Brownies which I've been dying to try for weeks now. I'm always looking for healthier food alternatives and we all love brownies in this house so it's worth giving it a try! All I have to do is say "bake" and the kids are cheering. They get excited just putting their aprons on. It's such a great family activity where everyone can help, practice taking turns, and then see the end result of all their hard work (and eating the end result can be pretty fun too!)
I came across some great indoor craft ideas we can work on. With Father's Day approaching and daddy working all weekend, this is a great opportunity to make up some home-made cards! Since he reads this blog (faithfully Im sure haha) I can't give away any ideas, but here is a little inspiration!

Plain and simple. Love it!

I love anything with handprints. You can look back and be amazed at how tiny they actually were.

Nothing beats honest feelings straight from the heart of a kid. It's funny to see what they really think of you.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, rain or shine! Happy Parenting !


  1. Brooke,
    I love your blog. Often times I get turned off from others because they lack authenticity, I simply can't connect because they're not "real". Your everyday posts are relatable and inspire with practical suggests and fun activities. You needed to start this years ago, you're a natural!!

    1. Janine! Thanks so much that means more than you know :)

  2. When you have done hand/foot prints in the past, what product did you use?

    1. Crayola makes a good,washable finger paint. Or if I don't have any handy..I'll trace their hands and they can colour them in.


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