Monday, 17 June 2013

Father's Day

Happy Monday! It's hard to believe the weekend is over already, it's never long enough. Of course, Sunday was Father's Day and we celebrated in true Talbot-MacLean fashion. Busy, eventful and full of fun!

Jessee made a frisbee craft at school that Mike loved! It was so cute, and very easy.


The kids and I made up another cute and easy craft instead of signing a card. I love to hear the honest truth from kids! I'm going to frame this as part of his present, and he'll always have this to look at.

We're a family that likes to eat out as a treat, especially on a special occasion. So we took Mike and my father out to supper at a new restaurant downtown and strolled the waterfront with ice creams for dessert. The girls dressed up, put on makeup and wore fancy shoes. They love to make a big deal out of any occasion. I even put on a skirt and a necklace (my goodness!) Of course, it wasn't the relaxing, enjoyable supper he may have dreamed of (they normally aren't). But the food was good and the company irreplaceable.

I do have a few tips at taking your exceptionally large family out to eat:

1. Bring activities for the kids. Anything will do. Luckily this restaurant had a tablecloth you could colour all over. Genius. This kind of set-up is perfect for tic tac toe. If you want a happy kid at dinner, always let them  win more than you.
2. Sit at a table that is away from the rest of the restaurant, in a corner, or to the side of the dinning area. Not in the middle of the restaurant, by the front door, or near the counter where all the waitresses will be travelling by and tripping over your 2 year old as he tries to escape through the front door. (which is too close to your table)
3. Be prepared to eat in shifts. While one parent chases/entertains kids, the other can enjoy their supper at a regular pace. It prevents the risk of choking.

The kids did surprise me at how well they behaved, and we even got a group photo with Mike. Seriously, this is huge for us.

By the end of the day, all of us were beat. It was all worth it for the 8pm bedtime! How did you spend your Father`s Day? 


  1. we took our 6th annual fathers day trip to the wild life park, we've been going since Xander was 1! we always love it! we stopped and ate our picnic lunch at Mastodon Ridge and treated all of us to ice cream cones as well!


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